CMS.Base NamespaceKentico 8.0 API Reference

Public classAbstractActionContext TContext 
Base class for action context
Public classAbstractAdvancedHandler
Base class for advanced handler classes
Public classAbstractBaseProvider ProviderType 
Abstract class for providers.
Public classAbstractCMSLazy
Abstract class for the lazy loaded objects
Public classAbstractContext TContext 
Base context object class.
Public classAbstractDataContainer ParentObjectType 
Abstract class for data container objects
Public classAbstractHandler
Base class for handler classes
Public classAbstractHelper
Abstract helper.
Public classAbstractHelper HelperType 
Abstract helper.
Public classAbstractHierarchicalObject ObjectType 
Abstract class for the hierarchical objects
Public classAbstractManager
Abstract manager
Public classAbstractManager ManagerType 
Abstract manager
Public classAbstractObject
Abstract class for the data container with no functionality
Public classAbstractObjectGenerator
Abstract class for all object generators
Public classAbstractPropertyAttribute
Defines a column registered within the object
Public classAbstractSimpleDataContainer ParentObjectType 
Abstract class for the data container with no functionality
Public classAbstractURLProvider ProviderType 
Abstract class for URL providers.
Public classAbstractWorker
Abstract class for the thread worker.
Public classActionCancelledException
Exception thrown in case the action was cancelled
Public classAdvancedHandler
General CMS handler
Public classAdvancedHandler TParameter 
General CMS handler with one generic parameter
Public classAdvancedHandler THandler, TArgs 
Generic handler class
Public classAggregatedDataContainer
Aggregated data container which joins the Column names from all data sources
Public classApplicationEvents
Global CMS application events
Public classApplicationModule
Application module for registering the application events globally
Public classAppSetting TValue 
Defined lazy initialized boolean setting
Public classAppSettingsService
AppSettings service
Public classAttributeHelper
Provides methods to access types attributes. Supports extra attributes provided by the extensions
Public classAzureHelper
Helper methods and properties for Windows Azure integration.
Public classBaseExtensions
Extension methods.
Public classBaseHandlers
Base module event handlers
Public classBaseModule
Represents the Settings Provider module.
Public classBaseModuleMetadata
Represents the Settings Provider module metadata.
Public classBeforeConditionalEvent TArgs 
Conditional event execute in before handler
Public classBoolAppSetting
Defined lazy initialized boolean setting
Public classBoolDebugSetting
Defined lazy initialized boolean debug setting
Public classClassEventArgs
Class event attributes
Public classClassHelper
Helper to provide general access to assemblies and classes.
Public classClassNotLoadedException
Exception which is thrown when the custom class is not loaded.
Public classClassTypeSettings
Class type settings class.
Public classCMSActionContext
Action context. Ensures context for the actions block.
Public classCMSAppSettings
App settings.
Public classCMSConnectionStrings
Connection strings
Public classCMSEventArgs
Base class for the CMS event arguments
Public classCMSEventArgs ParameterType 
Base class for the CMS event arguments with one generic parameter
Public classCMSException
Base class for the CMS exceptions. For general exceptions, use GeneralCMSException
Public classCMSExtensibilitySection
Extensibility section for the web.config.
Public classCMSLazy TValue 
Provides lazy initialization
Public classCMSList T 
Class for advanced generic list.
Public classCMSLoaderAttribute
Adds action to the page.
Public classCMSModuleLoaderBase
Module loader base class
Public classCMSParallel
Wrapper for a Parallel class, providing additional operations to make threads compatible with CMS API (such as CMSThread class)
Public classCMSRegex
Defined lazy initialized regular expression
Public classCMSStatic
Base class for the static class
Public classCMSStatic TValue 
Static object wrapper which provides static variables based on the current context name
Public classCMSStaticObject TValue 
Static object wrapper which provides static variables based on the current context name - Variant that provides a new object instance for each context
Public classCMSString
Helper (replace) methods for string class
Public classCMSThread
CMS managed thread.
Public classCMSVersion
CMS version
Public classCMSWorkerQueue
Queue of the workers.
Public classConditionalEvent TArgs 
Conditional event execute in before handler
Public classConditionalEventBase TEvent, TArgs 
Defines a conditional event
Public classConditionalObjectFactory ObjectType 
Object factory which includes condition on the object creation
Public classConnectionStringService
ConnectionStrings service
Public classCoreExtensions
Base extensions
Public classCoreMethods
Base class for helpers
Public classCustomClassAttribute
Registers the custom class within the system or overrides the existing one.
Public classCustomHelperAttribute
Registers the custom helper within the system, replaces the default helper from which the defined one inherits.
Public classCustomManagerAttribute
Registers the custom manager within the system, replaces the default manager from which the defined one inherits.
Public classDataContainer
Case insensitive data container class.
Public classDataRowContainer
Object encapsulating DataRow objects to be accessible via macro engine.
Public classDataSetContainer
Object encapsulating DataSet objects to be accessible via macro engine.
Public classDataTableContainer
Object encapsulating DataTable objects to be accessible via macro engine.
Public classDebugContext
Debug context
Public classDebugEventArgs
Debug event arguments
Public classDebugEvents
Debug events handlers.
Public classDebugExtensions
Debug extension methods
Public classDebugHandler
Debug event handler.
Public classDebugHelper
Debug helping methods.
Public classDebugLogFile
Defined lazy initialized debug log file setting
Public classDebugSettings
Container for the particular debug settings
Public classDictionaryHelper
Methods for general dictionary operations
Public classDisposableObject
Base class for the disposable objects that can carry other depending disposable objects
Public classDocumentTypeNotExistsException
Exception raised when a non-existing document type is requested.
Public classDynamicProperty PropertyType 
Represents a generic property
Public classEditableItems
Editable items container.
Public classEnumDataContainer
Provides wrapper for any Enum object for usage in the macro engine. Uses reflection to extract fields of the enum.
Public classEnumerableDataContainer T 
Provides wrapper for any list for usage in the macro engine.
Public classEventList
Dynamic event list that allows to register and raise events
Public classExtend ObjectType 
Extension storage
Public classExtendedActionContext TContext 
Base class for the extended action context
Public classExtendedXmlData
XML data container.
Public classExtender T 
Represents a behavior that can be attached to objects of specific type.
Public classExtendList ListType, ExtensionType 
List extensions
Public classExtension
Extension extension methods
Public classExtension TExtension 
Storage for static extensions
Public classExtensionAttribute
Extension attribute. Place above particular class to register its extension.
Public classExtensionProperties
Extension properties
Public classGeneralCMSException
General CMS exception
Public classGeneralIndexableWrapper KeyType, ValueType 
Wrapper for general indexable interface
Public classGenericExtension ExtensionType 
Generic extension container
Public classGenericProperty PropertyType 
Represents a generic property
Public classGetVaryByCustomStringEventArgs
Event arguments for GetVaryByCustomString event
Public classGetVaryByCustomStringHandler
Automation handler
Public classGroupedDataSource
Class providing DataSource grouping - one pass DataSource grouping.
Public classGroupedEnumerable ItemType 
Class providing enumerable grouping - one pass enumerable grouping.
Public classHandlersDebug
Handlers debug methods
Public classIntAppSetting
Defined lazy initialized integer setting
Public classIntRequestStockValue
Integer request stock value
Public classItemsFunctions
Items collections functions.
Public classLazyObject ObjectType 
Lazy object, initialized with an empty constructor
Public classLockedSection
Locked section, locks only when the object lock is available.
Public classLockHelper
Class to provide lock objects based on the given key.
Public classLockObject
Locking object
Public classMetadataContainer
Container for the extra metadata for the given type
Public classMultiKeyDictionary ValueType 
Hashtable which can use multiple keys to access the same data. The keys are separated by the separator.
Public classNoDebugAttribute
Marks the method as not being included in debug
Public classObjectCondition TInput 
Generic object condition
Public classObjectContainer
Object container for the Hashtable records.
Public classObjectExtensions
Provides methods to initialize extenders.
Public classObjectGenerator TBase 
Generator class for the various type of objects
Public classObjectLifeTimeFunctions
Class transformation functions for ObjectLifeTimeEnum
Public classOnDisposedCallback
Represents a method wrapper for a method which is called when the wrapper is disposed
Public classPageElement
Page element. Pass in either Page or Control.
Public classProperty T 
Defines a property implementation
Public classPropertyAttribute
Extension attribute
Public classPropertySettings InfoType 
Settings object for general properties registering in BaseGenericInfo.
Public classQueryEventArgs
Query event arguments
Public classQueryHandler
Query handler
Public classReadOnlyAbstractHierarchicalObject ObjectType 
Read-only version of the abstract hierarchical object with SetValue hidden
Public classRecursionControl
Defines the section that can control and prevent recursion
Public classRegisteredProperties ParentObjectType 
Container for the property registration
Public classRequestContainer TParent 
General container for request data
Public classRequestEvents
Global CMS request events
Public classRequestItems
Inserts items into HttpContext.Current.Items.
Public classRequestLog
Contains the log information for the request.
Public classRequestLogs
Class encapsulating the request logs.
Public classRequestSettings
Container containing current request settings.
Public classRequestSettingsOnDemand
Encapsulates the view mode but doesn't request it until it is demanded by Value.
Public classRequestStockObject ObjectType 
Defines a lazy loaded object stored in the request stock helper. Automatically creates the object if not available
Public classRequestStockValue TValue 
Defines a lazy loaded value stored in the request stock helper
Public classSafeDictionary TKey, TValue 
Thread safe dictionary template.
Public classSafeDictionaryContainer ValueType 
Container to wrap the StringSafeDictionary structure
Public classSafeHashSet T 
Thread-safe variant of a generic hash set
Public classSettingsHelper
Settings helper.
Public classSimpleHandler
General simple handler
Public classSimpleHandler TParameter 
General simple handler with one generic parameter
Public classSimpleHandler THandler, TArgs 
Generic handler class
Public classSimpleSystemHandler
Simple System handler
Public classSimpleThreadHandler
Simple thread handler
Public classSimpleWorkerQueueHandler
Simple worker queue handler
Public classStringAppSetting
Defined lazy initialized string setting
Public classStringExtensions
Extensions for the SettingsProvider classes
Public classStringList
Represents a list of strings separated by semicolon
Public classStringSafeDictionary TValue 
Safe dictionary indexed by string
Public classSystemContext
Environment variables
Public classSystemEventArgs
System event arguments
Public classSystemEvents
System events
Public classTaskHelper
Task management methods.
Public classThreadDebug
Thread debug helper
Public classThreadEventArgs
Thread event arguments
Public classThreadEvents
Events raised within thread processing
Public classThreadHandler
Thread handler
Public classThreadItems
Thread items collection.
Public classThreadItemsDictionary
Thread items dictionary.
Public classTwoLevelDictionary PrimaryKeyType, SecondaryKeyType, ValueType 
Dictionary with two levels of hierarchy
Public classTypeHelper
Type helper.
Public classURLEventArgs
Get URL event arguments
Public classURLHandler
Simple thread handler
Public classWorkerQueueEventArgs
Worker queue event arguments
Public classWorkerQueueHandler
Worker ueue handler
Public classXmlData
XML data container.

Public interfaceIAdvancedDataContainer
Data container with advanced functionality.
Public interfaceIAuthenticationService
Interface for authentication service
Public interfaceICloneThreadItem
Interface to mark the objects to be cloned for new thread items
Public interfaceICMSObject
Interface for distinguishing TreeNode and BaseInfo data types.
Public interfaceICMSStorage
Interface to access the CMS objects and collections as storages
Public interfaceIConditionalEvent TEvent 
Interface for conditional events
Public interfaceIConditionalObjectFactory
Interface for the conditional object factory
Public interfaceIContext
Context interface
Public interfaceIDataContainer
General data container interface.
Public interfaceIDisplayReport
Interface for DisplayReport
Public interfaceIExtensible
Defines an object extensible by other objects as properties
Public interfaceIGeneralIndexable
Interface to access collections through specific key type
Public interfaceIGeneralIndexable KeyType, ObjectType 
Interface to access collections through specific key type
Public interfaceIGenericExtension
Interface for the generic extension
Public interfaceIGenericProperty
Interface for the generic extension
Public interfaceIGroupedData
Hierarchical data interface
Public interfaceIHierarchicalDataContainer
General data container interface.
Public interfaceIHierarchicalObject
Interface for the hierarchically accessible object. This object provides the properties to access its connected objects.
Public interfaceIIndexable
Interface to access collections through int and string indexers
Public interfaceIIndexable ObjectType 
Interface to access collections through int and string indexers
Public interfaceIMacroObject
Interface for the objects which are used in macro processing. Defines their default resolving behavior.
Public interfaceIMetadata
Basic interface for injecting metadata
Public interfaceINamedEnumerable
Sorted enumerable interface
Public interfaceINamedEnumerable T 
Sorted enumerable interface
Public interfaceINameIndexable
Interface to access collections through string indexers by name
Public interfaceINameIndexable ObjectType 
Interface to access collections through string indexers by name - Generic variant
Public interfaceINotCopyThreadItem
Interface to mark the objects to be not copied to new thread items
Public interfaceIObjectCondition
Interface for the object condition
Public interfaceIRecursionControlHandler TArgs 
Interface that defines the recursion control for the given handler
Public interfaceIRelatedData
Objects containing the related data reference.
Public interfaceISimpleDataContainer
Simple data container interface (does not provide any information about the columns).
Public interfaceISiteInfo
Objects containing SiteInfo properties.
Public interfaceISiteService
Interface for site service
Public interfaceITreeNode
Objects containing TreeNode properties.
Public interfaceITypedCollection
Interface to provide result type over collection
Public interfaceIUserInfo
Objects containing UserInfo properties.
Public interfaceIVirtualHierarchicalObject
Interface for hierarchical object that is able to provide virtual content (for properties that would return null)
Public interfaceIVirtualTypedCollection
Interface to provide result type over collection

Public delegateCMSAppSettings GetAppSettingsEventHandler
Delegate for event for reading application's settings.
Public delegateCMSConnectionStrings GetConnectionStringEventHandler
Delegate for event for reading application's connection strings.
Public delegateConditionalEventBase TEvent, TArgs  ConditionFunction
Delegate for the handler condition
Public delegateRegisteredProperties ParentObjectType  RegistrationCallbackHandler
Registration callback handler

Public enumerationFileSizeUnitsEnum
Enumeration for file size units.
Public enumerationLogStatusEnum
Logs status mode enumeration.
Public enumerationObjectLifeTimeEnum
Enumeration of object lifetime.
Public enumerationProcessStatus
Process status enumeration.
Public enumerationThreadModeEnum
Enumeration of the thread modes