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The FormHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberAddFieldMacroRules
Adds macro rules values to given XmlNode.
Public methodStatic memberAddLatestVersionAttribute
Adds version attribute with latest version as value to xmlNode.
Public methodStatic memberBizFormFilesFolder
Gets custom bizform file folder path.
Public methodStatic memberClear
Clears all cached objects.
Public methodStatic memberClearFormControlParameters
Clears cached form control parameters.
Public methodStatic memberClearFormInfos
Clears cached FormInfo objects.
Public methodStatic memberColumnExistsInView
Checks if column name is unique in system tables which are joined with given table into view.
Public methodStatic memberCombineFormDefinitions
Combines two form definitions together. Fields from second definition are added at the end of first definition.
Public methodStatic memberConvertValidationFromAttributesToRules
Converts validation from field attributes to macro rules.
Public methodStatic memberEnsureDefaultCategory
Ensures category at the beginning of the form definition.
Public methodStatic memberEnsureDefaultValues
Ensures the default class values to the Data container for required fields (not allowing empty value) without a value.
Public methodStatic memberEnsureFormDefinitionFormat
Ensures form definition format for backward compatibility
Public methodStatic memberGetAvailableControlTypes
Returns DataSet with available form control types for specified column data type and field editor controls.
Public methodStatic memberGetBasicFormDefinition
Returns basic form definition of the table with primary key only.
Public methodStatic memberGetBizFormFilesFolderPath
Returns BizForm files folder physical path according to 'CMSBizFormFilesFolder' settings key.
Public methodStatic memberGetDataTypeColumn
Returns column name of FormUserControlInfo class for given data type.
Public methodStatic memberGetDataTypeWhereCondition
Gets the where condition for Form controls for the given data type
Public methodStatic memberGetDateTimeValueInDBCulture
Gets datetime value in 'en-us' culture format for database storation.
Public methodStatic memberGetDoubleValueInDBCulture
Gets double value in 'en-us' culture format for database storation.
Public methodStatic memberGetFieldControlTypesWithUserControls
Returns dataset with control types and user controls.
Public methodStatic memberGetFieldTypes
Returns dataset with all field types.
Public methodStatic memberGetFilePhysicalPath
Gets path to the file in file system.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormControlParameters
Returns cached form control parameters.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormControlSettingsFromXML
Gets FormFieldInfo with initialized settings (Settings and SettingMacroTable properties) from specified XML representation.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormControlSettingsXml
Gets settings XML representation from specified FormFieldInfo.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormDefinitionDifference
Returns XML differences between original and alternative form definitions (i.e. returns only fields that differs from each other)
Public methodStatic memberGetFormFieldControlType
Converts string to FormFieldControlType.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormFieldControlTypeString
Converts FormFieldControlType to string.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormFieldDataType
Returns form field data type from input table column data.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormFieldDefaultControlType(String)
Returns default form field control type according to the form field data type.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormFieldDefaultControlType(String, Boolean)
Returns default form field control type according to the form field data type.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormFieldInfo
Returns initialized FormFieldInfo structure according to the specified table column schema.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormFieldsWithDefaultValue
Returns "alternative form fields definition" containing only specified attribute and value for all fields E.g. Set visible false for all fields in alt. form.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormInfo
Returns FormInfo object for specified class name or alternative name. Method loops through supplied class list and returns first object existing. If alternative name is specified then it is merged with default class and then returned If coupled class exists for given alternative form then it is merged as well. If alternative form info not found then its default class is returned. You can also merge two forms in the result by using the + operator between names, such as "customtable.sampletable.filter+customtable.sampletable.extra"
Public methodStatic memberGetFormUserControlsForDataType
Returns DataSet with FormUserControlInfo objects that supports specified datatype.
Public methodStatic memberGetFullFileName
Returns full file name ([name.extension] if extension is specified) or ([name] only if extension is not specified).
Public methodStatic memberGetGuidFileName
Returns file name in format [guid].[extension].
Public methodStatic memberGetInheritedCategories
Gets the table of the categories that are inherited.
Public methodStatic memberGetInheritedFields
Gets the table of the fields that are inherited
Public methodStatic memberGetOriginalFileName
Returns file name in format [OriginalFileName].[extension].
Public methodStatic memberGetSelectedValuesFromListItemCollection
Returns string with selected values (e.g.: "value1|value2|value3").
Public methodStatic memberGetValidationRuleName
Returns validation rule name.
Public methodStatic memberGetValidationRuleParameter
Returns value of parameter with given name.
Public methodStatic memberGetWhereConditionForDataType
Gets WHERE condition to select controls for given data type and control type (bizforms, document types, etc).
Public methodStatic memberGetXmlFormDefinitionFromXmlSchema
Returns xml form definition from input xml schema.
Public methodStatic memberHasFileUploadControl
Returns if field's control is of file type.
Public methodStatic memberHasListControl
Returns true if field uses list control (DropDownList, RadioButtonsList, ...)
Public methodStatic memberInitTable
Initializes given dictionary.
Public methodStatic memberIsFieldOfType
Returns true if FormFieldInfo is of specified type.
Public methodStatic memberIsValidControl
Determines whether given control is valid for given controls enum.
Public methodStatic memberLoadDefaultValues
Loads the default class values to the Data container.
Public methodStatic memberLoadItemsIntoList
Loads items into list type of control.
Public methodStatic memberMergeFormDefinitions
Merges original and alternative form definitions and returns the result.
Public methodStatic memberMergeVisibility
Merges original FormInfo and alternative FormInfos and returns the resulting FormInfo.
Public methodStatic memberRemoveCategoryFromAlternativeDefinition
Removes category from alternative definition and keeps order of other items.
Public methodStatic memberRemoveFieldFromAlternativeDefinition
Removes field from alternative definition and keeps order of other items.
Public methodStatic memberRemoveInheritance
Removes the inheritance from the given class.
Public methodStatic memberRemoveInheritedFields
Removes the inherited fields from the given form info.
Public methodStatic memberRenameFieldInAlternativeFormLayout
Changes field name in alternative form layout definition.
Public methodStatic memberRenameFieldInFormLayout
Changes field name in form layout definition.
Public methodStatic memberSelectMultipleValues
Selects multiple values in control.
Public methodStatic memberSelectSingleValue
Selects single value in control of type ListControl.
Public methodStatic memberUpdateInheritedClass
Updates the class inherited from the given class.
Public methodStatic memberUpdateInheritedClasses
Updates the classes inherited from the given class.
Public methodStatic memberUseSiteSpecificCustomFolder
Indicates if site specific custom folder should be used for storing bizform files.
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Public fieldStatic memberCORE
Constant used to determine form field info which doesn't contain before/after definition of system field.
Public fieldStatic memberFORM_PREFIX
Resolver name prefix for forms/classes - 'form.'
Public fieldStatic memberFORMDEFINITION_PREFIX
Resolver name prefix for other objects with form definition - 'formdefinition.'
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