Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Defining forums index content

Defining forums index content

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Defining forums index content

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On the Index tab of a forum index, you can define which forums from the system will be indexed. This is done by defining allowed and excluded forums.


The dialogs for defining new allowed/excluded content can be accessed using View Add allowed forums and AddExcludedContent Add excluded forum.



Adding allowed forums


1. Click View Add allowed forums.


2. In the following dialog, first use the Site name drop-down to choose the site whose forums will be indexed. If you select (all), all forums on all sites in the system will be indexed. Only websites assigned to the index on the Sites tab are available for selection.




3. If you selected a particular site in the previous step, click the Select button next to the Forums field. The dialog depicted in the screenshot below will be displayed.


Use the Forum group drop-down to select a forum group. Its child forums will be listed below. To include a forum in the index, enable (Enabled) the appropriate check-boxes. Click OK to save the settings.




Alternatively, you can manually enter the code names of forums into the Forums field, separated by semicolons. All forums on the selected site can be added to the index this way, including group forums. The asterisk character (*) can be used as a wildcard for any number of characters. For example, entering *community* adds all forums that contain the string community in their code name to the index.


Adding excluded forums


Excluded forums make sense only when you have all forums defined as allowed. By defining a forum as excluded, it will not be indexed and all forums except for the excluded one will be indexed.


You can define an excluded forum using AddExcludedContent Add excluded forums, while the procedure is the same as when adding allowed forums.