Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

API classes

API classes

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API classes

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If you are not familiar with database table data management through Info and Provider classes, we strongly recommend that you refer to the Database table API topic first.




Please note


The classes of the Smart search module can be found in the CMS.SiteProvider namespace.


CMS_SearchIndex table API:


SearchIndexInfo - represents one search index.

SearchIndexInfoProvider - provides management functionality for search indexes.


CMS_SearchIndexSite table API:


SearchIndexSiteInfo - represents a relationship between a search index and a site.

SearchIndexSiteInfoProvider - provides management functionality for site-index relationships.


CMS_SearchIndexCulture table API:


SearchIndexCultureInfo - represents a relationship between a search index and a culture.

SearchIndexCultureInfoProvider - provides management functionality for index-culture relationships.


CMS_SearchTask table API:


SearchTaskInfo - represents one indexing task.

SearchTaskInfoProvider - provides management functionality for smart search indexing tasks.


Other classes:


SearchHelper - provides general smart search functionality and data.


CMS.SettingsProvider.SearchIndexSettingsInfo - represents the settings that can be configured for a search index.

CMS.SettingsProvider.SearchIndexSettings - used to manage SearchIndexSettingsInfo objects and assign them to indexes.

CMS.SettingsProvider.SearchSettingsInfo - represents the search field settings of an object.

CMS.SettingsProvider.SearchSettings - provides management functionality for SearchSettingsInfo objects.