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Steps list

Steps list

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Steps list

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On this tab, you can see a list of steps used by the currently edited workflow. Each workflow has three default steps:


Edit - the document was created or modified after it was published.

Published - the document is published on the live site. When you edit such a document, it's automatically moved to the Edit step.

Archived - the document is not published on the live site, but it remains in the content repository.


You can create a new workflow step using the AddWorkflowStep New workflow step button. The button is not displayed when using versioning without workflow, i.e. when the Automatically publish changes option is enabled on the General tab.


You can only edit (Edit) the default steps. Custom steps can also be deleted (Delete) or moved up (Up) and down (Down), which changes the order of the steps in the workflow process.


After clicking the ArrowBottom icon in the header of the Actions column, a context menu is displayed, offering options for export of listed data to various types of files.