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Translation submission list

Translation submission list

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Translation submission list

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This page displays a list of all translations currently submitted to a human translation service. Each submission represents one or more documents that are assigned to be translated into a certain language by a specific service. If there is a large number of displayed submissions, you can filter them based on various parameters, including the names of the documents, the source or target language and the number of words or characters that are contained in the translation.


To submit additional documents for translation, click AddPost Create new submission.


The Approve Update statuses button checks for updates of the translation progress and refreshes the displayed data. This imports all completed translations and changes the corresponding submissions to the Translation ready status.


You can manage the listed submissions through the following actions:


Edit Edit - allows you to modify the details of the submission. For example, you can update the submission's deadline date and then resubmit it to the service.

Delete Delete - removes the translation submission. When deleting submissions that have the Waiting for translation status, the system also performs the Cancel submission action.

ExportToZip Export all to zip - allows you to download a zip package containing the translation source data for all documents in the submission. The data is stored in .xlf files using the standard XLIFF format.

Synchronize Process translations - inserts the translated content into the corresponding language versions of the documents included in the submission. Only available for submissions that have a completed translation (i.e. those in the Translation ready status).

RebuildIndex Resubmit to translation service - resends the translation assignment to the service according to the current settings of the submission and the latest content of the source documents.

Undo Cancel submission - switches the submission to the canceled status. This also informs the translators that they no longer need to finish the translation. The exact functionality performed when canceling a submission depends on the implementation of the used service.


Additional resource:


Developer's Guide -> Content management -> Multilingual content -> Translation services

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