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Tag groups as topic-related groups of tags come as a part of the Tags module, which enables users to tag documents with key words, called tags, depending on the content of a particular document. Tags are associated with a document and are convenient for simple marking of documents according to various criteria, e.g. your interests. The Tags module thus functions in a similar way like the Categories module (see Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Categories).


However, there are significant differences between tags and categories, too. Categories can be defined by both the global administrator in Site Manager and the user in CMS Desk whereas tag groups can only be defined by the global administrator. Besides, user-defined categories are available only to the user who created them.


Tag groups are bound to a particular site as defined by the global administrator in Site Manager.


To learn how to create, alter or delete a tag group, please refer to the Developer's guide -> Modules -> Tags -> Managing tag groups topic.

To learn how to tag individual documents, please refer to the Tagging documents topic in the same chapter of the Developer's Guide.

To learn how to display documents associated with the selected tag, please refer to the Using the Tag cloud web part topic.

The internals and API of the Tags module are described in the Tags internals and API subchapter.