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SKU - search fields tab

SKU - search fields tab

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SKU - search fields tab

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This tab is available only for the Ecommerce - SKU system table and it is used to configure how the available fields should be indexed by the Smart search module. SKU (product) fields are joined together with general document fields, such as those used to store the content of editable regions on the page (DocumentContent) or the content of text web parts (DocumentWebParts). The search settings of general document fields affect all documents, even those that are not products.


You can enable the following options for the listed fields:


Content - if checked, content of the field will be indexed and searchable the standard way.

Searchable - if checked, content of the field will be searchable by entering an expression in format: <field code name>:<searched phrase>. Search requests of this type only search through the given field and not through the other fields.

Tokenized - indicates if the content of the field should be processed by the analyzer when indexing. This allows the search to find results that match individual tokens (subsets) of the field's value. If disabled, items will only be considered a match if the full value of the field exactly matches the search expression. The general rule is to use this for Content fields and not for Searchable fields.







It is highly recommended to leave the default settings for all but your own custom fields. If you modify the settings for some of the default fields, the functionality of searching through SKUs may get broken.



More information about system tables can be found in Developer's Guide -> Development -> System tables and custom fields.