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On-line marketing tab

On-line marketing tab

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On-line marketing tab

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Here you can set up mappings between the fields of the edited system table and the data attributes of on-line marketing contacts. To do this, simply select one of the table's fields from the drop-down list next to the matching contact attribute on this tab (if an appropriate field is available).


For example, when a user registers or edits their profile settings on the live site, the system automatically updates the data of the corresponding contact according to the on‑line marketing mappings configured for the User system table. By default, the First name contact attribute is filled by the value of the FirstName field and so on. You can assign specific fields to different attributes according to your own requirements.


The checkbox directly above the mapping settings determines whether existing contact data should always be overwritten, or if only empty attributes should be filled.


The same logic also applies to the Newsletter - Subscriber and E-commerce - Customer tables, but is instead used when a contact fills out a subscription form or registers as a customer.


To learn more about contact management, please refer to the Online Marketing Guide.