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Subscriptions tab

Subscriptions tab

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Subscriptions tab

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On this tab you can see a list of newsletters that the edited subscriber is subscribed to. Additional ones can be added by using the NewNewsletter Add newsletters button. Individual newsletter subscriptions can be managed via the following actions:


Delete Remove - unsubscribes the subscriber from the selected newsletter.

Approve Approve - manually approves the subscription for the selected newsletter, causing issues to be sent.

Reject Reject - rejected subscriptions remain in the list, but issues of the selected newsletter are not sent. Users who subscribe to newsletters with double opt-in enabled are rejected by default until they confirm their subscription.


To apply these actions to multiple newsletters, mark them using the boxes on the left choose an action from the drop-down list below and click OK.


If you check the Send e-mail confirmation to the subscriber box before performing an action, a notification e-mail will be sent to the edited subscriber, informing about the changes in their subscription. If you check the Require double opt-in box before adding newsletters, subscriptions to newsletters that have double opt-in enabled will be inactive (rejected) until the user confirms them or the Approve (Approve) action is manually selected in the list of newsletters.


More resources can be found in:


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