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Site objects tab

Site objects tab

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Site objects tab

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This tab allows for assignment of various system objects to the site that is being edited. The following object types can be assigned:


CSS stylesheets

Page templates

Relationship names


Smart search indexes



Web part containers

Inline controls


SMTP servers




You may have created a new site using the Kentico CMS Site Manager. Now, you would like to have several of the users that you have created for a different site added to the new one.


1. Switch to Site Manager -> Sites -> Edit (Edit) site -> Site objects.


2. Select Users. You will see a list of existing users.


3. Click on Add users.


4. The users created for the previous site will be deselected by default. Select the users that you want to be added to the site.


5. Click OK.


More information on site management can be found in Developer's Guide -> Managing sites.