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Web farm

Web farm

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Web farm

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Enable web farm

Indicates whether web farm support is enabled.

Update within request

Turn this setting on if you want synchronization to be triggered with every page request. If you turn this setting off, synchronization must be ensured through scheduled tasks or custom code.

Use web farm database updater

Indicates whether database web farm updater is used.

Web farm updater custom class

Specifies custom webfarm updater class (given class must inherit from IWebFarmUpdater interface).

Generate servers dynamically

Specifies whether web farm servers are generated dynamically on application start. If true, you don't have to create them in the user interface.

Delete generated servers on application end

Ensure that generated web farm servers will be deleted on application end event.

Web farm application physical path

Path to the application's physical path on disk for synchronizing physical files.

Maximum file size to be synchronized (kB)

Sets the maximum file size in kilobytes which should be synchronized.


Allow synchronization for


In this category, you can enable or disable web farm synchronization of a particular object.