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URL shortening

URL shortening

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URL shortening

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On this tab, you can adjust settings related to URL shortening services that can be set for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Such services shorten URLs that are undesirably long in posts. It is especially useful in case of Twitter, because it's posts cannot be longer than 140 characters and generated URLs can take up a lot of this space.


Before you start configuring the settings, make sure you have the correct site selected using the Site drop-down list at the top left part of the page.




Your Bitly account username. Note that if you signed into bitly using Facebook or Twitter, your actual login may be different from the displayed name.

API key

Key assigned to your bitly account.


It is necessary to provide these settings in order to use the service.

After registering an account (or signing in) at, you can view your user name and API key at

API key

Key assigned to your google application after enabling an API access.


Providing the API key for service is not necessary, but it is highly recommended. To obtain it:


1.Register an account (or sign in) at


2.Visit the API console at


3.Activate the URL Shortener API on the Services tab.


4.Click the API Access tab.

­You can find the API key near the bottom of the page.






TinyURL service does not require any settings.