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Bad words

Check bad words

Determines if bad words checks should be performed.

Bad word replacement

Default replacement text that will be used for the REPLACE bad word action.

Bad word action

Default action to be performed when a bad word is detected. Possible values: REMOVE, REPLACE, MODERATE, REPORT, DENY.

Banned IPs

Enable banned IPs

Enables the Banned IPs module.

Redirect banned IPs to URL

Users accessing the site from a banned IP will be redirected to this URL.

Flood protection

Enable flood protection

If checked, flood protection will be enabled. This means that users can send blog posts, forum posts and message board messages repeatedly with the minimal interval specified by the Flood interval property below.

Flood protection interval

Sets the flood protection time interval in seconds.

CAPTCHA settings

Control to use

CAPTCHA control that should be used for built-in CAPTCHA throughout the system, in web parts and for the Security check form control. The following three types are available:


Logic - requires answering a logical question

Simple - requires re-typing of a string displayed in an image

Text - requires re-typing of a string into multiple fields


More information on the Bad words module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Bad words.