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Custom settings

Custom settings

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Custom settings

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On this page, you can see the list of custom settings groups containing custom settings keys defined in Site Manager -> Development -> Custom settings. Enter the value of the custom settings key and click Save.


You can display the description of the key by clicking the Help (Help_settings) icon to the left from the custom settings key input form.


If you choose any site different from (global) from the Site drop-down list, the Inherit from global settings check box will be displayed, enabling you to decide whether to inherit the value of the key from the global custom settings (checked) or to define a new value for the selected site (unchecked).


Please note that the entered values can be validated against type and validation regular expression.


You can also reset the values to their default settings using the ResetTheseSettingsToDefault Reset these settings to default link on top of the page and you can export the settings using the Export these settings link on bottom of the page.


Detailed information about Custom settings can be found at Developer's Guide -> Website settings.