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The Scheduler allows you to define when specified scheduled tasks should be executed. This is useful when you want some functionality to be performed automatically at a specific time or regularly over a certain time period.


The Scheduler provides various configuration options that determine when scheduled tasks are executed and if they are executed by the application itself or by a dedicated Windows service. In the Configuring tasks execution topic, you can learn about these configuration possibilities. The Installing the Scheduler Windows service topic provides information on how the Windows service can be installed.


While Kentico CMS comes with a number of default scheduled tasks, it is possible to create custom ones to schedule execution of your own code. The Scheduling custom code topic contains an example of how this can be achieved. To learn about the user interface for management of scheduled tasks and actions that can be performed in it, please refer to the Scheduled tasks administration topic.


Additional low-level scheduler settings can be done by adding the keys listed in the Scheduler settings section of Appendix B - Web.config parameters of the Developer's guide.