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This section contains multiple reports related to the E-commerce module. The information is gathered during your on-line store life cycle as individual events occur (e.g. the customer makes an order or adds a product to a wishlist) and is stored in the database. If you select a report from the reports tree, you can view its details. Depending on the selected report, a graph, table or a combination of these may be displayed, sometimes along with additional report information (e.g. various report values).


The reports may be filtered based on their type and any report can be Save Saved or Print Printed. You can also subscribe to a report by clicking the SubscribeReport Subscribe button.


The dashboard page allows you to personalize and view various e-commerce reports on a single page. Besides, you can use the sample data generator and generate e-commerce sample data to try out e-commerce reports without the need to enter your real data.


Further information about reports can be found in E-commerce Guide -> Managing your store -> Reports.