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New/Edit report subscription

New/Edit report subscription

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New/Edit report subscription

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This page is used to create new report subscriptions or edit the details of existing ones. These subscriptions allow users to regularly receive the content of a report via e‑mail.


The following settings are available for subscriptions:


Send to

Sets the e-mail address to which the subscription e-mails will be sent. By default, the address of the current user is loaded, but it is possible to specify a different one.


Allows you to enter the subject that will be used for the subscription e-mails.

Subscription item

Determines whether the subscription e-mails should include the full content of the report or only a specific graph, table or value component.

Time range

This setting is only available for reports that offer the possibility of displaying data from a specific time range, selected using From and To parameters (e.g. most web analytics and on‑line marketing reports in the system).


You can choose from the following options:


All available data - the reports in the subscription e-mails will always include all possible data with an unlimited time span.

Only chosen period - the reports will only contain the latest data based on the date and time when they were sent. You can use the Data from last field below to specify exactly how many hours, days, weeks, months or years of data should be included.

Sending interval

Through the interval settings, you can define how often and when exactly the report subscription e‑mails should be sent.


May be used to enter an additional macro condition that must be fulfilled in order for the subscription e‑mails to be sent.


For example: SiteObjects.ABTests.HomePageTest.ABTestEnabled


This sample condition ensures that the subscription is active only while a specific A/B test (with code name HomePageTest) is enabled.


You can write any condition according to your specific requirements. For details about available macro options and syntax, please refer to the Development -> Macro expressions chapter of the Developer's Guide.


Clicking on the edit icon (Edit) opens the Macro condition editor, which allows you to build conditions through a graphical interface. The Clear condition (ClearCondition) action may be used to remove the current content of the condition field.

Send only if data found

If checked, subscription e-mails will only be sent if the report contains data at the given time (the subscriber will not receive empty reports).


E-mails will only be sent for subscriptions that are enabled.


The settings can be confirmed by clicking the Save Save button.


Subscription parameters


If the given report has parameters, this section allows you to set the values that should be used in the reports sent to the subscriber. Only parameters that are configured to be visible when viewing the report can be edited (i.e. those that have the Display attribute in the editing form checkbox enabled on the Parameters tab of the given report).





Time range parameters


Some reports offer the possibility of displaying data from a specific time span selected through parameters. This functionality is ensured by two parameters with Column names set to FromDate and ToDate respectively on the Parameters tab.


These two parameters are not displayed in the subscription parameters section. Instead, subscriptions to reports that contain them provide the Time range and Data from last settings, which may be used to specify the appropriate values.


Additional resources:


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