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Password tab

Password tab

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Password tab

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This is where you can change the user's password:


Password - user's password.

Confirm password - user's password again for confirmation.


You can either enter a new password directly, or have the system generate a new one. The tab also provides the option to send an automatic notification e‑mail to the given user containing the new password.


Please be aware that this tab is hidden if the edited user is authenticated using either an external user database or Active Directory, i.e., if the user has the Is external user or Is domain user property enabled on the General tab of the user editing interface and the application is configured to use Windows authentication.




User passwords


It is highly recommended to set a safe password for every user account to ensure the security of your website. Global administrators can monitor the list of users in Site Manager -> Administration -> Users for accounts that have empty passwords, which will be marked with a warning icon (Warning).


The system may be configured to require passwords that match specific strength requirements. For more information, please see the Membership, permissions and security -> Authentication -> Password settings topic in the Developer's Guide.