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New A/B test variant

New A/B test variant

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New A/B test variant

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This dialog is displayed when adding a new A/B testing variant to a newsletter issue. Start by filling in the Name, which will be used to identify the variant while working with the A/B test.


You can then choose one of two possible options that determine the initial content of the new variant:


Create empty variant - select this option if you wish to create the issue variant from scratch. The variant will use the main template set for the newsletter on the Configuration tab and the content of its editable regions will be empty.

Copy content from another variant - if selected, the content of an existing variant (or the original issue) will be used as a starting point that you can modify as required. Choose the source from the list of issue variants in the list below. The variant will use the same template as the source issue and all editable region content will also be copied. This option makes it easy to create variants for testing small changes, such as a different e‑mail subject or text headline.


Further information about newsletters and A/B testings may be found in:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Overview

Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> On-line marketing -> A/B testing

Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Newsletter templates