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Conversions by combinations

Conversions by combinations

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Conversions by combinations

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This report displays details about the number of conversion hits logged for individual content combinations defined on the page associated with the selected MVT test.
You can choose the combination that you wish to evaluate from the Combinations drop‑down list. If the MVT test is used for multiple culture versions of the given page, you can specify the culture via the Culture selector.


Each item in the graph represents a single unit of time according to the selected report type (an hour, day, month etc.). The hits logged for the chosen combination are divided into categories that match individual conversions. This allows you to easily measure which conversions are performed most commonly by visitors assigned to the selected content combination.


Please see the Web analytics Overview topic for details about the general actions available for reports.


Further information about multivariate testing can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Website optimization -> Multivariate testing.