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Here you can customize the invoice (or receipt) design. You can edit the HTML code representing your invoice and use special expressions to insert dynamic parts of the invoice.


For example, you can use the {%Order.OrderInvoiceNumber#%} expression to insert the invoice number.


You can find a complete list of available dynamic expressions at the bottom of the page if you use the Click here for invoice macro examples link.


Please note that if you click the GenerateFromGlobalInvoice Generate from global invoice button, the invoice will be generated from global settings.




This section allows you to attach files to the invoice; for example, you can upload an image and insert it into the invoice. When a file is uploaded, the following actions are available:


Edit (Edit) - if the file is an image, clicking the icon opens it in the built-in image editor. If the file is not an image, the metadata editor is opened after clicking the icon.

Delete (Delete) - can be used to remove an item from the list.

Update (Update) - use this action to update the attached file.


Please note that the Attachments section is available only if you are using site-specific settings for your invoice.


More details about how to configure global settings in your on-line store can be found in E-commerce Guide -> Configuring your store -> Multisite store.

Further information about how to configure invoices and receipts in the E-commerce module can be found in E-commerce Guide -> Configuring your store -> Invoices.