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Incoming tasks

Incoming tasks

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Incoming tasks

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On this tab, you can see a list of logged incoming synchronization tasks that were not processed yet. Incoming tasks represent changes in the external system with which Kentico CMS is integrated that should be reflected in the Kentico CMS system.


Using the Connector drop-down list, you achieve that only tasks logged for the selected connector will be listed in the grid. When (all) is selected, all incoming tasks logged for all connectors are displayed.


The following actions are available for each task:


View (View) - displays document or object data transferred within the integration task in a new pop-up window.

Synchronize (Synchronize) - starts processing of the integration task.

Delete (Delete) - deletes the integration task without processing it.


In case that there are a large number of tasks listed, you can perform the above mentioned actions with more of them at once using the two drop-down lists below the grid. Using the first one, you need to chose whether to perform the action to all listed tasks, or only to the tasks selected by the check-boxes next to them. Then you need to choose the required action from the second drop-down list and click OK to perform it. If you perform synchronization of multiple tasks, they are performed in the order in which they were created, no matter how they are currently sorted in the grid.


Detailed information about integration of Kentico CMS with external systems can be found in Kentico CMS Integration Guide.