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Here you can define custom HTML code that will be placed into the <head> element (i.e. inserted between the <head></head> tags) of all pages that use this page template. This can be useful if you need to link some additional CSS or JavaScript files.


The head content can also be inherited by child documents under pages that use this template. The inheritance depends on the following options, which can be specified on this tab for each template:


Allow child templates to inherit the current header - if enabled, the head content of this template will be inheritable by child documents.

Inherit header(s) from parent template(s) - indicates if documents based on this template should be allowed to inherit head content from the templates of documents that are above them in the content tree.


Please note that the header inheritance also follows the rules of the standard content inheritance, which can be configured for individual documents and templates. For example, all documents displayed within a master page would also inherit the head content of its template, but a child document without any visual inheritance would not. This way, the head code will only be added to pages where it is required to correctly display the master template's content.