Kentico CMS 7.0 Context Help

General tab

General tab

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General tab

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Role display name

Sets a name for the role displayed to users in the administration interface.

Role code name

Sets a name that serves as an identifier for the role.

Role description

Can be used to enter an optional text description for the role.

Is domain role

Indicates if the role was imported from Active Directory.




Code names of global roles


Code names are only checked for uniqueness within the context of individual sites, which means that it is possible for a global role to have the same code name as a site‑specific role.


If you need to specify a global role using its code name in your custom website code or via the API, you can add the period character (".") as a prefix. This ensures that only the global role will be selected and any site roles with the same code name will be ignored (for example .Content_admin).


More resources on Roles can be found in Developer's Guide -> Development -> Membership, permissions and security -> Security model overview.