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Exchange tables list

Exchange tables list

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Exchange tables list

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Here you can see a list of all exchange tables available in your on-line store. Your customers can make orders in multiple currencies and, based on the current exchange rates table, the order price can be converted to the main currency, same as to other currencies.


You can add an exchange table by clicking the NewExchangeTable New exchange table button. The listed items can be Edited (Edit) or Deleted (Delete) and you can also perform OtherActions Other actions such as ExportObject Export, Backup Backup, Restore Restore, Delete Destroy or Clone Clone. After clicking the ArrowBottom icon in the header of the Actions column, a context menu is displayed, offering options for export of listed data to various types of files.


Please note that the currently valid exchange table is highlighted in green color.


Further information about currencies and exchange rates can be found in E-commerce Guide -> Managing your store -> Currencies.