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Attachments tab (metafiles)

Attachments tab (metafiles)

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Attachments tab (metafiles)

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This tab is available when editing the content of an object (layout, e-mail template etc.) using the WYSIWYG editor and it provides a way to insert the given object's metafile attachments.


From here, you can:


Insert image attachments into the edited content.

Upload new attachments to the document using the NewFile New file button.


The following actions can be performed with the listed attachments:


View View - opens the attachment in a new window (browser tab).

Edit Edit - allows you to modify the uploaded file. If the file is an image, this opens the built-in image editor. Otherwise the metadata editor is used.

Delete Delete - removes the attachment.

Update Update - opens a standard file system selection dialog that may be used to upload a replacement for the given attachment.


The properties that can be set for the selected item in the bottom section are different depending on its type:


Image properties

Audio and Video properties

Flash properties


Detailed information about the WYSIWYG editor can be found in the WYSIWYG editor chapter in the Content management section of the Developer's Guide.