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File system dialog

File system dialog

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File system dialog

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This dialog displays the file content of a directory under your web project and allows it to be managed. The path of the directory depends on the context in which the dialog is being used.


The tree on the left represents the structure of sub‑folders. Selecting a folder causes the files in it to be displayed in the list on the right. Folders may be added using the New folder button or removed by clicking Delete folder. If there is a large amount of files in a folder, the Search bar above the list may be used to find files according to their name.


Individual files in the list may be selected using the Select (Next) action or simply by clicking anywhere on the appropriate row. When selected, the path of the given file is shown below. Files may also be Deleted (Delete) from the file system.


Images or text files may also be Edited (Edit). Text files can be modified using an editor with syntax highlighting support and images are opened in the built‑in Image editor.


The NewFile Upload file button may be used to copy an existing file from the local file system into the currently selected folder. Please note that not all types of files are allowed. Only file formats that are relevant to the specific context of the dialog can be uploaded.


The NewVersion New file button allows you to create a new text file in the currently selected folder. The content of the file can be entered via an editor with syntax highlighting support. The type of the new file depends on the context of the file system dialog. For example, .css stylesheets are created when working with theme folders, the .js file type would be used when managing the JavaScript folder etc.