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The Debug tab can be used for system debugging, i.e. finding and fixing performance or setting issues on your website. Debugs can also be particularly useful when reporting an issue to our support department. Every extra bit of information related to your issue that you find in the debugs can significantly shorten the time needed to find the solution.


The debugging interface is divided into several sub-tabs. Only the following two tabs are displayed by default. Click the name of the tab to learn more.


System objects

Cache items

Worker threads


The other sub-tabs are displayed only after enabling certain settings in Site Manager -> Settings -> System -> Debug or adding certain keys into the AppSettings section of your web.config file. Here again, click the name of the tab to get detailed information.


Cache access

SQL queries


Page ViewState






Web farm


Log files


Detailed information about debugging in Kentico CMS can be found in Developer's Guide -> Development -> Debugging and system information.