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This is a dashboard section of the Kentico CMS administration interface, which can be customized directly through the browser by adding and configuring widgets. Typically, a dashboard will be personalized to contain frequently used tools or sources of information, which can then be accessed from a single location without the need to navigate through the interface.


Widgets are added using the AddWebPart Add widget link. At any time, all the zones on the dashboard and the widgets they contain can be returned to their default state by clicking the RebuildIndex Reset to default link.


Individual widgets are enclosed in containers with a header and a set of action buttons. To manage the widgets on the dashboard, the appropriate actions must be used.


The simplest action available is provided by the Minimize widget (WidgetMinimize) button, which hides the content of a widget so that only its header is visible. The Maximize widget (WidgetMaximize) action can be used to restore the widget to its previous state.


Clicking the Configure widget (WidgetConfigure) button opens the Widget properties dialog where the widget's properties can be modified. Every widget has its own set of properties depending on its function (detailed information can be found in the Widgets reference guide). The Widget title property is present for all types of widgets, as it sets the text displayed in the header of the widget on the dashboard page.


The location of a widget can be changed easily by using its drag‑and‑drop functionality. To pick up a widget, simply hover over its header, hold down the mouse button and then drag it to the desired position. This works both for modifying the order of widgets within a zone and moving them to a different zone.


The Remove widget (WidgetDelete) action deletes the widget from the dashboard completely.


More resources can be found at:


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