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Details tab

Details tab

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Details tab

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This tab contains a report displaying detailed statistics of the currently edited conversion for individual campaigns. It is only available when using the CMS Desk -> On‑line marketing -> Conversions interface.


If you wish to view only data logged during a particular time period, you can specify it using the From and To fields. The details included in the report table are described below:


Campaigns - this column contains the name of the campaign to which the remaining values are related. The row that has "-" as its campaign name represents conversions that occurred without an active campaign.

Conversions - the number of conversion hits that were performed by users who arrived on the site through the campaign.

Conversions value - the total sum of the values recorded for all of the campaign's conversions.

Conversions rate - the percentage of visitors who performed a conversion for the given campaign. This can be higher than 100% if the average visitor generated more than one conversion.

Conversions value per visit - the average conversion value contributed by the campaign's visitors.

Visits - the total amount of users who visited the website as a result of the given campaign.

Total cost - shows the total cost that was specified for the given campaign.

ROI - the rate of investment, calculated as the sum of the campaign's conversion values divided by the total cost. This statistic is accurate only if your conversion values are set to reflect the income generated by the matching conversions.


The following actions may be performed for the report:


Save Save - saves the report in its current state (according to the selected time interval). To view saved reports at a later time, go to CMS Desk -> Tools -> Reporting, select the Web Analytics -> Conversion -> Conversion details -> Conversion detail report and switch to the Saved reports tab.

Print Print - allows the report to be printed. The available options depend on the used browser.

DeleteData Delete data - can be used to clear all data logged during the specified time period for the current conversion. Please note that this permanently removes the data from the database. This action is only available for users who have the Manage data permission for the Web analytics module.

NewReportSubscription Subscribe - opens a new dialog where you can subscribe to the report. Subscribing allows you to periodically receive e‑mails with the up‑to‑date content of the conversion details table.


The data displayed in the report can also be exported into external files using various formats. This can be done by right clicking on the table, which will open a context menu offering the following export options:


ExcelExport Export to Excel - exports the data displayed by the given object to an XLSX spreadsheet.

csvexport Export to CSV - exports data to a CSV file.

XMLExport Export to XML - exports data to an XML file.


After you select an action from the menu, your browser's standard file download dialog will pop up, letting you open or save the file with the exported data just like when downloading any other type of file. For more details on the data export feature, please refer to the Modules -> UI data export chapter of the Developer's Guide.


More information about campaigns and conversions can be found in:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Web analytics -> Campaigns

Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Web analytics -> Conversions