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User list

User list

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User list

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On this tab, you can see a list of all users belonging to the current website (or all users in the system if you are viewing this tab in Site Manager).


The search text box allows you to filter the displayed users according to their user or full names. After clicking the ArrowBottom icon in the header of the Actions column, a context menu is displayed, offering options for export of listed data to various types of files.


The listed users can be managed using the buttons in the Actions column:


Edit Edit - opens the configuration interface, where the properties and settings of the given user can be modified.

Delete Delete - removes the user from the system.

Manageroles Manage user roles - opens a dialog that can be used to add or remove roles to/from the given user.




Users with empty passwords


If this tab is viewed by a global administrator, users who have empty passwords are marked with a warning icon (Warning) in the Actions column.


Such user accounts can be a serious security vulnerability for your website. It is recommended to either encourage the given users to set a password or add a password manually by editing the users, specifically on the Password tab.