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Documents tab

Documents tab

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Documents tab

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On the Documents tab, you can see logged changes made to documents.


By clicking the website root in the content tree on the left, you can view a list of all changes (synchronization tasks) made to all the documents of your website. By clicking a particular document, you can view only the changes made to it.


Using the Server drop-down, you can choose the target server that you want to synchronize. By choosing (all), you perform synchronization for all available target servers. Then you can perform one of the following actions using the buttons at the bottom:


Synchronize selected - performs synchronization for all tasks selected by the check-boxes (Enabled) on the target server;

Synchronize all - performs synchronization for all listed tasks on the target server; in case you made any changes to content on the target server in the meantime, these changes will be overwritten


Delete selected - deletes all tasks selected by the check-boxes (Enabled) on the target server

Delete all - deletes all listed tasks on the target server


You can also perform the following manual actions. These actions are manual because they are not related to the listed tasks and they can be performed even if there are no synchronization tasks logged:


Synchronize Run complete synchronization - performs complete synchronization of all documents in the content tree

Synchronize Synchronize current document - synchronizes the currently selected document

SynchronizeSubTree Synchronize current sub-tree - synchronizes all documents in the selected sub-tree


The following types of tasks are logged for documents. You can see the type in the Task type column:


CREATEDOC - document was created

UPDATEDOC - document was modified

DELETEDOC - document was deleted

DELETEALLCULTURES - all cultural versions of the document were deleted

PUBLISHDOC - document was published

ARCHIVEDOC - document was archived

REJECTDOC - document was rejected

MOVEDOC - document was moved to another location in the content tree

BREAKACLINHERITANCE - document-level permission inheritance was broken

RESTOREACLINHERITANCE - document-level permission inheritance was restored


Detailed information about the Staging module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Staging.