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Import subscribers

Import subscribers

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Import subscribers

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This tab allows you to import or modify large numbers of newsletter subscribers. You need to prepare a list of subscribers in the following format:




And copy the list into the List of subscribers to be processed text area.


Each record must be on a new line.

The name sections are optional.


The following examples are all valid:






Select one of the following actions using the radio-buttons above the text area:


Subscribe imported users to the selected newsletters - the imported users will be subscribed to the selected newsletters.

Do not subscribe existing users to selected newsletters - if checked, the import only updates the names of existing subscribers with matching e-mail addresses (does not add the subscribers to the selected newsletters).

Unsubscribe the users from selected newsletters - removes the imported users from the selected newsletters.

Delete the subscribers - deletes subscribers matching the imported data from the system.


Click Add newsletters to select the target newsletters for the subscribe or unsubscribe actions.


If you check the Send e-mail confirmation to the subscriber box before performing the import, a notification e-mail will be sent to the entered addresses, informing them about the changes in their subscriptions. If you check the Require double opt-in box, subscriptions to newsletters that have double opt-in enabled will be inactive (rejected) until the users confirms them.


Clicking Start takes the subscribers from the list and performs the selected action.


A dialog appears showing the progress of the action.

You can Cancel the operation at any time.

If one of the input lines contains an invalid entry, the import is not processed for any of the records and the page displays an error.


More resources can be found in:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Overview

Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Subscriber import and export