Kentico CMS 7.0 Context Help



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Here, the account details of the current user's account may be modified. The following settings are available:


User name

Your user name (login). By default, it must be unique within the scope of all websites.

Full name

Your full name (first name, middle name and last name).

First name

Your first name.

Last name

Your last name.

Nick name

Your nick name.


Your e-mail address.

Preferred content culture

Selects the preferred culture (language) in which website content should be displayed.

Preferred user interface culture

Selects the culture in which the administration interface (CMS Desk and Site Manager) should be displayed.

Messaging notification e-mail

Sets the e-mail address to which notifications about new messages should be sent.

Time zone

Your time zone. This is used by some web parts that display date/time related data.


Your signature. Used in forum posts, messaging module messages, etc.


Your gender.

Date of birth

Your date of birth.

Phone number

Your phone number. It may be entered in any format, no validation is applied.

Skype account

Your Skype account name.


Your instant messenger identifier. No specific format is required, you may use any string of characters according to your specific needs (e.g. ICQ: 123456789).


The avatar image associated with your user account. It will be displayed next to your forum posts, on profile pages, etc.

Show splash screen

Indicates if the splash screen (administration interface title page) should be displayed after you logon to the administration interface.

Show web part toolbar

Determines whether the web part toolbar should be displayed for your user account when editing documents on the Content -> Edit -> Design tab. This is only relevant for users who have the Design web site permission.

Web part toolbar position

If the web part toolbar is enabled, you can choose which of the four possible positions you prefer.