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Campaign details

Campaign details

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Campaign details

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This report can be used to view and analyze detailed statistics measured for the website's campaigns.


If you wish to compare the results of all campaigns, select the (all) option from the Campaign drop‑down list. The following types of values will be displayed for each campaign:


Visits - the amount of hits that the website received as a result of the given campaign.

Conversions - the number of conversions that were performed by users who arrived on the site through the campaign.

Conversions rate - the percentage of visitors that performed a conversion. This can be higher than 100% if the average visitor generated more than one conversion.

Conversions value - the total sum of the values recorded for all of the campaign's conversions.

Conversions value per visit - the average conversion value contributed by the campaign's visitors.

Total cost - shows the total cost that was specified for the given campaign.

ROI - the rate of investment, calculated as the sum of the campaign's conversion values divided by the total cost. This statistic is accurate only if your conversion values are set to reflect the income generated by the matching conversions.


If you choose a specific campaign, then the table will instead display these values for individual types of conversions that were logged for the given campaign.


Please see the Web analytics Overview topic for details about the general actions available for reports. Further information about campaign tracking and conversions can be found in:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Web analytics -> Campaigns

Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Web analytics -> Conversions