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Banner report

Banner report

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Banner report

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On this tab, you can see reports, represented as a graph, for the banner you chose to Edit (Edit).


The top of the tab offers you the options to Save Save the report for later use, Print Print the report and also SubscribeReport Subscribe to the report to have it sent in specified intervals via e-mail. You can find the saved reports in CMS Desk -> Tools -> Banner management -> Saved reports tab.


Below, you can switch between the options to view hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports.


You can also click the Update button to redraw the report for the period specified in the From and To dates. Right-click the graph to export the report to ExcelExport Excel, csvexport CSV and XMLExport XML or SubscribeReport Subscribe to the it via e-mail.


Detailed information about the Banner management module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Banner management.