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Activity detail

Activity detail

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Activity detail

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This dialog window gives you the details of the current activity and allows you to leave an activity comment. Besides, some activity details can be edited, e.g. the title of the activity. The following activity details are available:


General information

Activity type

The type of the activity.

Activity title

The title of the activity.

Contact name

The name of the contact associated with the activity. Click the ContactDetailsView icon to view and edit contact details.

Activity date

The date and time of performing the activity.

Activity URL

The URL of the activity. Click the View icon to view the web page on the live site.

Activity URL referrer

The URI from which the web page where the activity was performed had been visited.

Activity site

The website where the activity was performed.

Activity comment


You can leave an activity comment, either as plain text or as text with basic formatting, and you can also add your stamp by clicking the Add stamp button.

To save the comment, click Save.


If you have modified any value, click Save to confirm the changes. To view the details of another activity in the list, click Next. Or click Back to view the details of the previous activity.