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Conversions value

Conversions value

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Conversions value

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This report displays the sum of the conversion values logged for the selected A/B test during the specified time interval. The Conversions drop‑down list may be used to view only the values contributed by a specific conversion. If the (all) option is chosen, then the combined values of all logged conversions will be shown.


The line chart shows the progress of the logged conversion values over time. In this chart, the values are added together for all page variants defined for the given A/B test.


You may also view the conversion values in the table below. Each row in the table shows the data logged for a specific page variant, both for the time period currently displayed by the report and the entire duration of the test.


The bar graph at the bottom of the page displays detailed statistics for individual units of time according to the selected report type (hours, days, months etc.). Here, the conversion values are divided into categories that represent individual page variants, which allows you to compare the variants and determine which one generated the highest total conversion value. This way you can easily evaluate an A/B test's variants when using weighted conversions that have a different level of importance.


Please see the Web analytics Overview topic for details about the general actions available for reports.


Further information about A/B testing can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Website optimization -> A/B testing.