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Inline controls are user controls (ASCX) that can be placed into the text of editable regions using a special expression in format %%control:MyUserControl%%, where MyUserControl is the name of the inline control. The system dynamically loads the controls when the page is displayed on the live site.


The controls may contain any functionality, such as "polls", "latest news", "mortgage calculator", "travel destination search", etc. The advantage of inline controls is that any content editor can place them anywhere into the text without programming knowledge.


How to insert inline controls into text


Inline controls can be inserted into text using the Insert inline control (fckInlineControls) button on the WYSIWYG editor toolbar. If the text is not edited in the WYSIWYG editor, you can insert inline controls by typing the %%control:MyUserControl%% expressions manually. Only controls that have been registered in the system and assigned to the currently edited site can be inserted. This can be done at Site Manager -> Development -> Inline controls.


The inline control may also have a single parameter. In this case, you must use one of the following expression formats:






To learn how to create a new inline control and add it to the system, please see the How to develop inline controls topic.






Inline controls are obsolete and can no longer be added using the WYSIWYG editor toolbar by default. It is recommended to implement your custom controls as Widgets and insert them into text using the Insert/Edit widget (fckInlineWidgets) button. Further details can be found in the Inline widgets topic.


This approach offers several advantages, such as increased flexibility, an unlimited amount of parameters for the controls, and a more user-friendly configuration dialog.


For the purposes of backward compatibility, existing inline controls are still resolved correctly. If you wish to use inline controls via the WYSIWYG editor, you can enable this functionality by adding the following key into the configuration/appSettings section of your web.config file:


<add key="CMSEnableInlineControls" value="true" />