Kentico CMS 6.0 Developer's Guide



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Settings of the Forums module are located in Site Manager -> Settings -> Community-> Forums. The following settings are available:


Forum unsubscription URL - URL that will be used for unsubscriptions from receiving notifications about new forum posts. Can be inherited by forum groups and further by particular forums. The Forum unsubscription web part must be placed on the specified page for the unsubscriptions to work.

Send forum e-mails from - e-mail address that will be used as the sender address of forum notification e-mails.

Forum base URL - URL that will be displayed when viewing a forum and in forum notification e-mails, e.g. ~/Forum.aspx

Forum attachments allowed extensions - you can specify extensions of files that can be attached to forum posts. Extensions should be entered without dots and separated by semicolons. If blank, all extensions are allowed.

Max forum post nodes - maximum number of forum post nodes displayed in the forum post tree when editing a forum in CMS Desk -> Tools -> Forums. When more nodes are in the forum group than this value, the click here for more ... link will be displayed at the bottom of the tree, letting you display a list of all nodes in the main area.