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New/Edit MVT test

New/Edit MVT test

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New/Edit MVT test

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The following properties can be configured when defining a new multivariate (MVT) test or editing an existing one:


Display name

The name of the MVT test displayed in the administration interface.

Test code name

Sets a code name that serves as an identifier for the test. It is also used in the name of the browser cookie used to store which of the test's variant combinations was assigned to a visitor.


Can be used to enter a text description for the test in order to give information about its purpose, goals, etc.


Sets the path of the page (document) for which the MVT test should be defined. The Select button may be used to easily choose a page from the website's content tree.


This property is not available when editing an MVT test of a specific page via the CMS Desk -> Content -> Edit -> Analytics -> MVT tests interface. In this case, the path of the currently selected document is automatically used as the value.


Selects which culture version of the specified Page should be included in the test.

Target number of conversions

Sets the number of conversion hits that must be logged to complete the test. Once this number is reached, the MVT test will automatically stop working and switch to the Finished status.


If the total option is selected, then the number will be compared with the total amount of conversion hits logged for all of the test's combinations. If any combination is chosen, then the test will be concluded when the specified number is reached by one combination (the one with the most conversion hits).


Leaving this property empty or setting it to 0 means that there will be no conversion hit limit for the test.

Current number of conversions

Displays the current number of conversion hits logged for all of the test's combinations.

Test from/to

Sets the time interval during which the test should occur. The Calendar button (Calendar) can be used to select the exact date and time.


This property may be used to manually start or stop the test.


Displays the current status of the MVT test. The following statuses are possible:


Disabled - indicates that the test is not active. The default content of the tested page will always be displayed to visitors and conversions will not be logged for the test's combinations.

Not running - indicates that the test is not active. Used when the test is enabled, but the Test from date is still in the future.

Running - indicates that the test is currently active.

Finished - this status is automatically assigned after the Test to date passes or when the Current number of conversions reaches the Target number of conversions. Tests with this status are no longer active.


Each page may have only one MVT test running at a given time. It is however possible to have multiple finished or disabled tests assigned to a page, which can be used to archive data from previous tests or when preparing future tests. Different culture versions of a page may each have a different test running at the same time.


More resources can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Website optimization -> Multivariate testing.