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The Messaging module allows users of your website to communicate via text messages. Its purpose is to provide an internal way of communication with other users of the website, both on the live site and in the user interface.


Users with access to Kentico CMS user interface can send, receive and manage their messages in CMS Desk -> My desk -> Messages. Functionality provided by this section of the user interface is described in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Messaging -> My messages. If you want to try to send out a testing message, you may proceed to the Sending a new message topic. On the live site, identical functionality can be provided by a single My messages web part, or separately by other web parts which come with the module. All Messaging module web parts are described in the Adding the messaging functionality to the live site topic in the same part of the Developer's Guide.


It is possible to let Kentico CMS notify users about new messages by means of automatic notification e-mails. Information related to this topic can be found in the E-mail notifications topic. The Security topic explains messaging possibilities of unregistered anonymous website visitors.


The Messaging internals and API sub-chapter provides an overview of database tables and API classes used by the module. It also provides examples of how methods from the classes can be used to handle messaging in your custom code.


There are other ways how you can enable users of your website to communicate with each other. The Forums module enables you to add standard discussion forums to the live site. The Message boards modules provides similar functionality as the forums, with the difference that message boards are not structured and are typically used to let users add comments on the content of a particular page.