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You can add the Event calendar web part to any web part zone on any page on your website. Go to CMSDesk -> Edit, switch to the page that you want to add the Event calendar to and switch to the Design tab. Click the Add web part icon of the target web part zone and from the web part list that appears, select Events -> Event calendar and click OK.


The web part properties dialog appears. Here is a list of properties specific for this web part:




Path in the content tree to the displayed documents.

Day field

Field with the date that the document will be displayed on in the calendar.

Content filter

Document types

Document types that will be displayed in the calendar. If there is a document in the location set in the Path parameter that is not of a type entered here, it will not be displayed in the calendar.

Combine with default culture

Indicates if the default language version of a document should be displayed if the document is not available in the current language.

Culture code

Culture code of the displayed versions of documents.

Maximum nesting level

Specifies the number of sub-levels in the content tree from that the documents will be displayed.

ORDER BY expression

The ORDER BY part of the SQL SELECT query used for selecting the documents.

Select only published

Indicates if only published documents should be displayed.

Site name

Code name of the website from that you want to display the content. If left empty, the current website is used.

WHERE condition

The WHERE part of the SQL SELECT query. If multiple links to the same document are displayed, this can be used to display only one of them.


Click OK. The Event calendar should be displayed in the selected web part zone and should be displaying documents from the selected location in the content tree.


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