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Subscriptions allow users to receive e-mail notifications when a new post is added to the selected forum.


There are several ways how a user can subscribe for receiving e-mail notifications:


1. The forum administrator can subscribe users to the whole forum and manage all subscriptions at Forum edit -> Subscriptions.


After clicking the NewSubscription New subscription link, the following dialog depicted in the screenshot below will be displayed. You only need to enter the user's e-mail address and click OK. If you do it with the Send confirmation e-mail to subscriber check-box checked, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail, telling them that they have been subscribed. These confirmation e-mails are sent automatically when the user subscribes on-site, as described in the following two points.




2. The user clicks the subscribe to forum link at the top of the forum:

3. The user subscribes to a particular post and sub-posts:

The e-mails are sent to the subscribed users based on the Forums - New post e-mail template that can be edited in the Site Manager -> Development -> E-mail templates dialog.


The user can unsubscribe using the link in the e-mail.




Forum base URL and forum e-mails


It's important to set a correct Forum base URL value in the forum properties so that the notification e-mails contain valid links to the forum. Use URL in format http://localhost/kenticocms/forums.aspx - enter the full URL of the page with the forum, including the domain.


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