Security Internals Overview

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The security information is stored in the following tables:


CMS_User - user information. If you need to import users from an existing database, you can import them directly into this table, there are no special dependencies.
CMS_Role - roles
CMS_UserRole - assigns users to roles
CMS_UserSite - assigns users to sites
CMS_Resource - contains modules
CMS_ResourceSite - assigns modules to sites
CMS_Permission - permissions (permission names, such as "read", "modify", etc.) used for modules (CMS_Resource) and document types (CMS_Class)
CMS_RolePermission - assigns permissions to user roles
CMS_Class - contains definitions of data classes and document types


Most of these settings can be managed by the classes available in the CMS.SiteProvider namespace. The following chapters contain API examples of some common actions.


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