Re-using an ad-hoc page template

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In many cases, you may want to re-use an ad-hoc page template for other pages. In this case, you need to save the ad-hoc template as a new re-usable template.


1. Go to Content -> switch to Edit mode on the main toolbar -> select your new page created in the previous example -> Properties -> Template. You will see a page as in the following screenshot. As you can see, the current page is based on an ad-hoc template.




2. If you want to re-use this page template for some other page, click Save as new template. The Save as new page template dialog opens. Fill in values as shown in the picture below and click OK, then click Save on the Template dialog.




3. Now when you try to create a new page, you will be able to create the page based on this new page template:




Additionally, the template is now added to the content tree at Site Manager -> Development -> Page templates, where it can be configured.


What you did


You have converted the previously created ad-hoc page template that was specific only for a single page into a re-usable page template that can be used for any number of pages.


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