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Access to the Polls module


The access to the Polls module can be configured in CMS Desk -> Administration -> Permissions -> ... select the Modules -> Polls permission matrix.


The following permissions can be assigned to particular roles:


Modify - members of the role can create, edit and delete polls
Read - members of the role can view polls and their configuration, but are not allowed to make any changes to them




Access to voting


You can configure the poll and specify which users are authorized to vote on the Security tab of the Poll properties dialog. Here you can choose one of the following options:


All users - any visitor can vote
Only authenticated users - only site members who sign in can vote
Only authorized roles - only authenticated members of chosen roles can vote




The developers can also customize the behavior of the Polls web part using the following web part properties:


Check permissions - indicates if permissions for voting specified for the given poll should be checked
Hide to unauthorized users - hides the web part if the user is not authorized to vote


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