Database tables and API classes

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The On-line users modules uses the following database table:


CMS_Session - stores information about on-line users when the Site Manager -> Settings -> Membership -> Store on-line users  in database settings is enabled; this is necessary when running the system on a web farm


The On-line users API is provided by the following CMS.CMSHelper namespace class:


SessionManager - this class provides functionality for managing sessions, which includes the monitoring of on-line users


The following topics show examples of how this class can be used:


Getting on-line user data
Checking if a user is on-line
Kicking a user


The API programming and Kentico CMS internals section of this guide contains more API related information, so please refer to it if required.


For detailed API documentation, such as a list of all methods from the classes above, please refer to Kentico CMS API Reference that is a part of your Kentico CMS installation and can be accessed through the programs folder in Windows Start menu.


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