Managing forum posts

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Threads and posts can be managed on the Posts tab when editing the forum that contains them.


Creating a new thread


When you navigate to the tab, you can initially see the New thread page, letting you add a new thread to the current forum group. The following details need to be filled in:


User name: user name which will be used for the thread author
E-mail: e-mail of the thread author
Subject: subject of the initial post of the thread
Post: text of the initial post of the thread
Signature: signature under the initial post
Subscribe to post: if enabled, notification e-mails about new posts in the thread will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the E-mail field




Managing particular posts


If you select a post from the tree on the left, you can perform the following actions:


edit_post Edit - opens the post for editing - you can edit the post text, user's name, signature, etc.
Delete Delete - deletes the post
reply Reply - opens a dialog using which you can send a reply to the post
stick_thread Stick thread - sticks this thread so that it will be displayed at the beginning of the forum
split_thread Split thread - moves the post and its replies to a new thread
lock_thread Lock thread - locks the thread so that no more posts can be added to it
Reject Reject - rejects the post so that it is not displayed and needs approval to be displayed
Reject Reject sub-tree - performs the Reject action for the current posts and all its children
MoveThread Move - moves a thread to a new forum




Forum post listing


In case that there are too many threads in the forum, you can limit the number of displayed threads using the Max forum post nodes settings key in Site Manager -> Settings -> Forums. If you use this key and there are more threads in the forum than the set value, the Click here for more... link is displayed at the bottom of the tree. After clicking this link, the Forum post listing page is displayed in the main area.


The Forum posts listing page initially displays all threads in the forum, while the following actions can be performed:


View View - displays the thread's initial post in the main area (this action is identical to clicking the post in the tree)
Delete Delete - deletes the whole thread including all child posts
subposts Sub-posts - displays sub-posts of the post in the grid in the main area
postparent Parent post - displays a list of sub-posts of the parent post in the main area (goes up one level)




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